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February 3, 2017

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Hussen,

We, the undersigned, are Canadian university and college students, faculty members, researchers, teachers and concerned citizens. In light of US President Donald Trump’s dramatic changes to immigration and refugee policy in the United States, we write to urge the government of Canada to take a decisive stand in opposition to this Islamophobic and xenophobic policy.

President Trump’s January 27th Executive Order suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days and freezes the acceptance of refugees from Syria indefinitely. It also promises to cut by more than half the number of refugees to be resettled in the United States in the next year. This Order is a contravention of both the letter and spirit of international refugee law and international human rights law. These policies are driven by fear-mongering, divisive, hateful and dehumanizing rhetoric. They are an affront to the values of inclusivity, multiculturalism, and respect.

As a neighbour and the largest trading partner of the United States, Canada is in a unique position to denounce Trump’s actions, to act as a global leader in contrast to his government’s example, and to provide support for those most affected by the Executive Order. Canada must continue to stand strong as a welcoming and progressive country in this uncertain and divided time.

Canada must embrace a multi-faceted approach to ensure it takes a leading role in the protection of refugees from around the world. There have been calls in recent days for the government to rescind the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States. We support these calls.

We also ask the government to take decisive steps with respect to refugee resettlement. We call for the government to:

  1. Increase significantly the overall number of refugee resettlement spaces to be offered in 2017, and to encourage other states to do the same.  The Executive Order will have the effect of eliminating as many as 60,000 resettlement spaces globally.  Canada is in a position to offer many more places, to set a global example for other states to follow, and to send a message that we are truly a country open to refugees.  We urge the government to make a sizable increase in the number of spaces available for resettled refugees in 2017.
  2. Speed the processing of the backlog of privately-sponsored refugees from Syria and elsewhere, and to increase the transparency of this processCanadians came forward in record numbers to form sponsor groups and raise funds, in response to government calls. Some privately-sponsored Syrian refugees have now been waiting more than a year since they were first assured that they would soon be traveling to Canada. Refugees from other places have been waiting even longer. It is estimated that more than $25 million sits in trust accounts in Canada while refugees languish in countries including Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan awaiting their travel to Canada. Meanwhile, minimal information is provided about the status of applications. This is a government-created resource issue and requires a governmental solution. We urge the government to allocate more resources to processing applications and arranging travel for waiting refugees and sponsor groups, including appropriate staffing levels and charter flights.
  3. Lift the cap on sponsorships for Syrian and Iraqi refugeesOn January 25, 2017, Canada announced that it had reached its 1000-applicant limit on Group of 5 private sponsorships from Syria and Iraq for 2017, with no promise of this program being reopened in a future year. This cap was met in late January, yet the interest in, and demand for, private sponsorship remains extremely high. Of the 65 million displaced people around the world, 4.9 million are from Syria. Canadians have demonstrated that they are willing to open their hearts and homes to privately-sponsored refugees. We urge the Canadian government to lift this cap and continue to accept private sponsorship applications.
  4. Prioritize family reunification. Many private sponsorship applications are being made in an effort to reunite Syrian and other refugees already in Canada with close family members still abroad. In some cases, these families were separated through Government of Canada resettlement selection processes which accepted some members of an extended family and left others behind. The sponsorship cap has therefore prevented the reunification of families separated by war. Family reunification is an integral part of refugees’ success and integration in Canada. With this in mind, we urge the government to devise measures allowing recently-arrived refugees to reunite in a timely fashion with a wider group of family members, through private sponsorship or ideally through a broadened and streamlined family reunification class.

Prime Minister Trudeau, we remind you of your 2015 election promises to welcome refugees and celebrate the multicultural richness of this country. We appreciate your recent words praising our diversity and inclusiveness as a country but, without action, these words ring hollow. We urge you to take immediate steps to expand refugee resettlement in Canada for 2017.

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Yours sincerely,

Nadia Bakhtiari (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON, bakhtian@uwindsor.ca

Anneke Smit (Associate Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON, asmit@uwindsor.ca

Amneet Bali (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Zahra Binbrek (Lawyer), Windsor, ON

Johanna Dennie (Lawyer, Legal Assistance of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Hagar Elsayed (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Dina Finkelshtein (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Clare Hopkins (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Safiyah Husein (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Khalil Jessa (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Jasminka Kalajdzic (Associate Dean, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Aliya Kamalia (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Julie Macfarlane (Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Trish McDermott (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON

Claire Mumme (Assistant Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Samer Nakib (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Laura Noceta (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Emily Quail (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Archana Ravichandradeva (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Jillian Rogin (Assistant Professor, Windsor Law effective July 2017), Windsor, ON

Gemma Smyth (Associate Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Kristen Thomasen (Assistant Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Vasanthi Venkatesh (Assistant Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Sara Wharton (Assistant Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Sujith Xavier (Assistant Professor, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Britney De Costa (LLM Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Kathryn Tisdale, Windsor, ON

Paul Chislett, Windsor, ON

Rebecca Hines, Windsor, ON

Tori-Lee Jenkins (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Alex Denonville, Windsor, ON

Krista Staley (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Allahnah Karmali (Student, Western University), Windsor, ON

John Popham, Windsor, ON

Ameen Al Rohani (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Anne Marie Predko (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Lisa Sylvestre, Windsor, ON

Kelly Morrissey (Teacher), Windsor, ON

Irina Ceric (Professor and Lawyer, Kwantlen Polytechnic University), Vancouver, BC

Shruti Joshi (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON

David M Tanovich (Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Conor Gordon (Law Student), Windsor, ON

Annette Demers (Associate Dean Law Library and Legal Research Services, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Athena Portokalidis (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON

Rixi Abrahamsohn (Psychologist), ON

Katie Wootton, Windsor, ON

Arshile Egoyan, Toronto, ON

Nathalie Griffore, Windsor, ON

Barbara Mayer, Windsor, ON

Ramsha Imam

Svjetlana Oppen, Windsor, ON

Karin Humphreys (Associate Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University), Hamilton, ON

Katie Behan (Social Justice Career Coordinator, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Jyl Panjer (Social Worker), ON

Shannon Porcellini, ON

Will Hanley (Assistant Professor, Florida State University), Tallahassee, USA

Sarah Voegeli (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Greg Mayer (Academic Professional, Georgia Institute of Technology), Atlanta, GA, USA

Jackie Sheriff, Windsor, ON

Shirley Glass, AB

Michelle Mainwaring (General Manager, Thames Theatre Company), Lakeshore, ON

Julie Biddle, Toronto, ON

Doug Earl, Toronto, ON

Catherine Shamie, Toronto, ON

Sandra Shushani (University of Windsor, Faculty of Law), Windsor, ON

Laurie Reece, ON

Natasha Donnelly (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Kaitlyn Guillemaud, AB

Karen Wharton, Toronto, ON

Maria Salman, Windsor, ON

Susan Ursel, Toronto, ON

Sheila Bagala (Registered Nurse, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Jean Bosson, Windsor, ON

Nadja Pelkey  (Technician, Sessional Instructor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Nicholas Hersh (Immigration/Refugee Lawyer, West End Legal Services), Ottawa, ON

Jeffery G Hewitt (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law University of Windsor), ON

Stephanie Tran (Student, Seneca College), Toronto, ON

Manar Shoshani (Graduate Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Tarek Alsmoudi (Life Skills Coordinater, Multi Cultural Council), Windsor, ON

Kelsey Lange, Toronto, ON

Chantal Tie (Part-time Professor, University of Ottawa), Ottawa, ON

Selma Eren Conklin (Law Library, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Gerry Grossi   (Lawyer, Legal Aid Ontario), Toronto, ON

Philippa Von Ziegenweidt, Windsor, ON

Frederica Wilson, Ottawa, ON

Melanie Adrian (Associate Professor, Carleton University), Ottawa, ON

Catie Ash (Editor, Ivey Business School, Western University), London, ON

Pascale Chapdelaine  (Associate Professor, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law), Windsor, ON

Faisal Bhabha  (Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University), Toronto, ON

Andrew Rossi (Student, Windsor Law)

Frances Cachon (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Nadine McKay, Windsor, ON

John A. Giurin   (Minister, St. James Presbyterian Church, Chatham), Chatham, ON

Bob Elliott, Windsor, ON

Christopher O’Keefe (Ph.D Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Dayna Cornwall (Project Coordinator, National Self-Represented Litigants Project), Windsor, ON

M. Collins, Windsor, ON

Sahar Talebi (Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Sujith Sutharsan (Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Cathy Lysack  (Professor, Wayne State University), Detroit, USA

Lisa Milne (Access Services Administrator, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Andrew Oliver (Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Dana Jansens (Staff Software Engineer, Google Canada), Toronto, ON

Megan Bradley (Assistant Professor, McGil University)

Ramona Jennex, Coldbrook, NS

Thomas Kuttner (Resident Scholar, Windsor Law), Tecumseh, ON

Joshua Culling, Edmonton, AB

Julan Al-Yassin, Windsor, ON

Matt Alexander, Toronto, ON

Lindsay Perkin (Teacher), Guelph, ON

Maureen Duffy (Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Faculty of Law), Calgary, AB

Jagmeet Singh (MPP Bramalea – Gore – Malton, Legislative Assembly of Ontario), Brampton, ON

Dayna Steinfeld (Lawyer), MB

Pierre Boulos (Faculty Member, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Krista McNaughton, Hamilton, ON

Navneet Dhanju (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Greg Hagen (Associate Professor, University of Calgary), Calgary, AB

Sanja Bezarevic (Student, Windsor Law, Detroit Mercy Law), Windsor, ON

Karin Eckart, Hamilton, ON

Lee Ann Weigold, Quadra Island, BC

Teodora Slijepcevic (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Dr. Jennifer L. Schuzl (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba). Winnipeg, MB

Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton  (Teacher), ON

Neila Doum Vorano   (McGill Student),  Montreal, QB

Kevin Simms  (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Diann Chea (Barrister and Solicitor, Scarborough Community Legal Services), Toronto, ON

Jon Liss

Teddy Weinstein (Student, Windsor Law), Toronto, ON

Tamam Yassin, ON

Karen Robinet, Chatham, ON

Petrea McConvey (Community Legal Worker, Scarborough Community Legal Services)

Lois Rooney-Giurin, Chatham, ON

Jessica Tracey (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy School of Law)

Angela Kubica (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

David Robinson (Executive Director, Canadian Association of University Teachers), Ottawa, ON

Emma Mauze, Mississauga, ON

Angela Zhu (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Reta Ghanim (Student, Windsor Law), Toronto, ON

Samantha Pillon (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

John Patrick Stanley (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

James M. Patterson (Clergy, Presbyterian), West Lorne, ON

Laura Smith (Student, University of Windsor Law/ Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON

Madalyn Bavaro (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Matthew Flisfeder (Assistant Professor, University of Winnipeg), Winnipeg, MB

Laura Hasulo (Conductor, CN Rail), Harrow, ON

Frazier Fathers (Manager, Community Impact and Learning, United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County), Windsor, ON

Jackie Gallagher, Toronto, ON

Jennifer Singh (Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Malini Guha (Assistant Professor, Carleton University), Ottawa, ON

Alison Zimmer, Toronto, ON

Jessica Farber (Student, McGill University), Montreal, QB

Scott Murray, Edmonton, AB

Aaliyah Madadi (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Amal Jammali (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant)

Julia Gamble  (Assistant Professor – Teaching Stream, University of Toronto), ON

Marianne Lithwick (Immigration Lawyer, Lithwick Law), Toronto, ON

Zina Chaker, Windsor, ON

Jonnette Watson Hamilton (Professor, University of Calgary), Calgary, AB

Spencer Henson (Professor, University of Guelph), Guelph, ON

Corinne L Mason (Associate Professor, Brandon University), Winnipeg, MB

Vivian Ntiri (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON

Ruaa Farhat (Pre-Social Work), Windsor, ON

Sandra Hoenle

Amanda Dodge (Lawyer), Saskatoon, SK

Sean Reginio (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

M Fernandes, Toronto, ON

Sarah Marsden (Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University), Kamloops, BC

Alexandra Boychyn (Scotiabank), Oshawa, ON

Matt Thomas (Librarian, Wilfrid Laurier University), Waterloo, ON

Rubaina Singh (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Jory Garibaldi (Student, Windsor Law/ Detroit Mercy School of Law), Windsor, ON

Simon Gooding-Townsend (Law and Public Policy Student, University of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Rachel Liu, Toronto, ON

Jessica Mank (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Spencer Bass, Toronto, ON

Madison Hass (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Zoe Parco, Windsor, ON

Eliza (Student, University of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Alisha Cunning (Social Worker)

Michelle Hayman (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Emily Dies (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Maseeh Haseeb (Academic, Queen’s University), Ottawa, ON

Montana Cardinal (Student), Vancouver, BC

Laura Farley Ratcliffe, Ottawa, ON

Anne McGillivray, (Professor of Law, University of Manitoba (retd.)), Salt Spring Island

Arjei Franklin (Teacher)

Meredith McCann (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Laurie Jacklin (Professor, Laurier University), ON

Carrie Cummings (Legal Counsel, D2L Corporation), ON

Nathan Prendergast Law Student  University of Windsor, Windsor, ON

Sarah Smith, Richmond Hill, ON

Matthew Milne (Student, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Leslie Soopalu (Co-Chair, Valley Welcome Refugee Sponsorship), Killaloe, ON

Alexa Benzinger, Windsor, ON

Laurie Chu (Student, Windsor Law), ON

Ilija Dimeski (Student, Windsor Law)

Lindsay Trevelyan, Toronto, ON

Frances Cachon (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Shafaq Ahmad, ON

Jennifer Koshan (Professor, Faculty of Law, U Calgary), Calgary, AB

Marcus Campbell (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Anne Marie Predko (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Alessandra Cinotti (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Adelia Neufeld Wiens, Winnipeg, MB

Erika Wharton-Shukster (Student, University of Toronto)

Emre Esensoy (Student, Windsor Law)

Alexa Benzinger, Windsor, ON

Dara Jospe (Associate, Fasken Martineau), Montreal, QB

Megan McCarrell (Registered Midwife), Chilliwack

Heather Greene (Professor, St. Clair College), Kingsville, ON

Lee-Anne Gadd (Licensed Paralegal), Kitchener, ON

Angelo B Mingarelli (Professor , Carleton University), Ottawa, ON

Heather Greene (Professor, St. Clair College), Windsor, ON

Jessica Clement (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Michael Fox  (Financial Advisor), ON

Tahera U (Elementary school teacher), Windsor, ON

Gurleen Gill (Student, Windsor Law), Toronto, ON

Freya Keddie, BC

Sue Stroud, Brentwood Bay, BC

Elizabeth Wensley (Board Member, Circle of Friends for Newcomers Hamilton), Hamilton, ON

David Hoover, Hamilton, ON

Nico Elliott, (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Sandra M. Harper (Retired, McMaster University), Hamilton, ON

Lori Newton (Executive Director), Windsor, ON

Bernie Hammond (Professor Emeritus), Guatemala

Anne Harvey, Hamilton, ON

Sara Fegelman, Toronto, ON

Cheryl Hardcastle (MP Windsor-Tecumseh), Windsor, ON

Erin O’Rourke (Student)

Richard Page, Ottawa, ON

Kate Nasato, Vancouver, BC

Alan Alizadeh, Hamilton, ON

Lee Dowhun, Grimsby, ON

Sarah Buhler (Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan College of Law), Saskatoon, SK

Stephanie Taylor, Toronto, ON

Luka Vukelic (Student, University of Victoria Faculty of Law), Victoria, BC

Joshua D. Oppal (Student, University of Victoria Faculty of Law), Victoria, BC

Jeremy Henderson (Student, University of Victoria Faculty of Law), Victoria, BC

Makaela Peters (Student, University of Victoria Faculty of Law), Victoria, BC

Jordan Marks (University of Victoria), Victoria, BC

Heather Hoiness (Lawyer), Vancouver, BC

Tamara Ramusovic, Vancouver, BC

Allison Tremblay (Lawyer, Victory Square Law Office), Surrey, BC

Natalie Muradian, Toronto, ON

Rachel Roy (Lawyer), Vancouver, BC

Martina Boyd, North Vancouver, BC

Susanna Quail (Lawyer, Labour Lawyers for Refugees), Vancouver, BC

Leila Geggie Hurst (Student, University of Victoria), Victoria, BC

Sienna Zampino

Hilary Henley (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Sarah Dowhun, Oakville, ON

Debbie Rachlis (Lawyer , Waldman & Associates), Toronto, ON

Tomislav Sapic (Technologist, Lakehead University), Thunder Bay, ON

Rebecca Lockwood (Lawyer , Jackman, Nazami & Associates), Toronto, ON

Sarah Bittman (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Jayde Jessome (Student, University of Victoria Law), Victoria, BC

Samantha Hale (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Jade Armstrong (RECE), Toronto, ON

Ruebe James (Student , Windsor Law)

Carla Lipsig-Mumme (Professor, York University), Toronto, ON

Francesca Provenzano (Student, Windsor Law), Windsor, ON

Usha S Sriskandarajah, Toronto, ON

Andrea Van Tine (Student, University of Victoria Faculty of Law)

Linda Peake (Professor, York University), Toronto, ON

Christopher Waters (Professor, University of Windsor)

Catherine Oliver (MD), Toronto, ON

Lynne Hone, Hamilton, ON

Hilary Young (Associate Professor, University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law), Fredericton

Claudia Petrilli, Windsor, ON

Amanda Tubbs (Student, Windsor Law)

Kate Chamberlin (Student, McGill University), Montreal, QB

Dan McCafferty (Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba), Winnipeg, MB

Hannah Shaikh (Articling Student), Toronto, ON

Katherine Friesen

Janet Gadeski (Citizen), Burlington, ON

Christyn Perkons, Hamilton, ON

Allan Greenbaum (Instructor, York University)

John Mummé (Architect), Toronto, ON

Shelley Henley, Windsor, ON

Anujah Posarajah (Masters Student, Kingston University London), Toronto, ON

Tom Taylor, Windsor, ON

Shahzad Khan, Ottawa, ON

Geoff Bickerton (Director of Research, Canadian Union of Postal Workers), Ottawa, ON

Jen Burton Liang (Child Life Specialist, Art Therapist), Windsor, ON

Myra Tawfik (Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor), ON

Lisa Emmons (Artistic Director, Form Contemporary Dance Theatre), ON

Katie Szilagyi (LLM Candidate, Tel Aviv University), Tel Aviv

Rojin Jazayeri (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy Faculty of Law), Windsor, ON

Dharani Rana, Oshawa, ON

Madison McNerney (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy Faculty of Law), ON

Nasrin Sattarian, Thornhill, ON

Kimberly Potter (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Wendy Hartley, ON

Arlette Bax, Toronto, ON

Dr. Allyson Lunny (Associate Professor, York University), Toronto, ON

Shahed Doroudi (Entrepreneur, Self Employed), Toronto, ON

Ty Laframboise, Hamilton, ON

John Simoulidis (Assistant Lecturer, York University), Toronto, ON

Cristina Gutiu, Vancouver, BC

H Johnson, Vancouver, BC

Tina Saban (Student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Hamaseh Doroudi, Toronto, ON

Jagdeep Raina, Massachusetts, USA

Rhonda Hildebrand Gascho,

Anya Sass, Vancouver, BC

Charlotte Freeman-Shaw (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Linda Briskin (Professor Emeritus, York University), Toronto, ON

Alyse Schacter (Medical student), ON

Tricia Lucas, Ottawa, ON

Claudia Taylor (Alumni, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Deidre Brandt (Law Student, University of Saskatchewan), Saskatoon, SK

Tammy Truong (Law Student, University of Ottawa), Ottawa, ON

Leela Fallah

Kirstin Drummond (Law Student, Western University)

Melissa Morton (Law Student, University of Ottawa)

Liz Guilbault (Law student, Queen’s University), Kingston, ON

Hisham Imtiaz (Student, Queen’s University Faculty of Law)

Lee Webb (Lawyer), Newmarket, ON

Warwick Walton (Intern, Philippe Kirsch Institute), Montreal, QB

Elspeth Graham (Law Student, Western University), London, ON

Marika Maksymec (Student), Kingston, ON

Béatrice Venne (Étudiante en droit (UQÀM)), Montreal, QB

Ajanthana Anandarajah (Law Student, Queen’s University), Kingston, ON

Estelle, Vancouver, BC

Doug Charles, Windsor, ON

Lori Hill, Windsor, ON

Raimah Chowdhury, Elsewhere

Margaret Liddle (Assistant Professor, University of Windsor)

Amber Joy Kouvalis, ON

Kathryn Edmunds (Assistant Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Lacey Praill, Windsor, ON

Amanda Glasbeek (Associate Professor, Criminology, York University), Toronto, ON

George Floresco (Postal Worker, CUPW), Ottawa, ON

Charis Jung (Osgoode Hall Law School), Toronto, ON

Ipek Tezol (Student, McGill University), MOntreal, QB

John Holmes (Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University), Kingston, ON

Anne Forrest (Faculty, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Andalieb Abu-Zahra (Interior Designer, Aha! Interiors), Windsor, ON

Hussein Zarif (Intl. Student Recruitment & Marketing, Canada By Choice, Immigration Firm), Windsor, ON

Aisha Malik (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Jane Ku (Associate Professor, Sociolgy/Women&Gender Studies, University of Windsor)

Enbal Singer (Law Student, University of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Ahmad Haidar-Ahmad, Windsor, ON

Frances Chapman (Associate Professor, Lakehead University), Thunder Bay, ON

Adan Ahmed, Windsor, ON

Emily Rosser (Bystander Initiative Coordinator, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Jeff Noonan (Professor of Philosophy, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Nicole David (Windsor Essex Welcomes Refugees: A community project), Windsor, ON

Donia Mohamed (Undergraduate, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Nicole Pelaia (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy Law)

Aruna Vithiananthan (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy Law)

Nicholas Andrews

Catherine Hundleby (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Renee Bondy (Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Debra Parkes (Chair in Feminist Legal Studies, Peter A. Allard School of Law, UBC), Vancouver, BC

Deaa Sham (Student), Windsor, ON

Emaad Maqbool, Windsor, ON

Rebecca Lockert (Law Student, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law), Toronto, ON

Charlene Senn (Department of Psychology, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Kevin Matthews (CUPW), Ottawa, ON

Michele Gnanamuttu (Research Manager, Windsor Youth Centre), Windsor, ON

Horia Tabatabaei Soltani (Student, Windsor Law)

Justin Teeuwen (Teacher, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Dave Johnston (Scholarly Communications Coordinator University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Vicki Leung (Law Library, Uwindsor, University of Windsor)

Brian A. Brown (Assistant Professor; Dept. of Comm., Media & Film, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Jesse Salah Ovadia (Assistant Professor, University of Windsor)

Greg A. Chung-Yan (Associate Professor, Psychology, University of Windsor)

Amy Fitzgerald (Associate Professor, University of Windsor)

Jamey Essex (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Sang-Chul Suh (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Maureen Muldoon (University of Windsor)

Kim Calderwood (Associate Professor, University of Windsor),Windsor, ON

Anna DeCia-Gualtieri (Windsor Law Career Services Officer, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

(Rebecca) Anne Dull Baird (Assoc. Professor, Psychology, University of Windsor), ON

Karen Pillon (Head, Access Services, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Joanne Payne, Brampton, ON

Dr. Dennis Higgs (Professor/Dept of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

John Trant (Assistant Professor, University of Windsor, Chemistry and Biochemistry), Windsor, ON

Elizabeth Starr (Professor, University of Windsor)

Nobuko Fujita (Learning Specialist, University of Windsor)

Julie Sando, Windsor, ON

Dr. James Winter (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Erica Stevens Abbitt (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Dawna Proudman, Barrie, ON

Tanya Basok (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Alaa Bondok   (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Ronald Meng (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Ashish Mahajan (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Simona Lepadatu

Nino Ricci (Assistant Professor, English Literature and Creative Writing, University of Windsor), Toronto, ON

Cheran Rudhramoorthy (Doctor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Kathryn Lafreniere (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Susan M. Holloway (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Kris McInnis, Tecumseh, ON

John Otter, Toronto, ON

Deborah Cook (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Alissa Enns, Leamington, ON

Deborah Cook (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Virginia Walsh (Adjunct Lecturer/Sessional Instructor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Sharon Johnson, Winnipeg, MB

Richard F Lewis (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Alaa Osseily (Sales, Gap), Windsor, ON

Trevor Pittman (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Danielle Sirek (University of Windsor),  Windsor, ON

Jyotika Virdi (Assoicate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Dr. Abdul-Fattah Asfour (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Mohammad Hassanzadeh (Instructor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Kas Pavanantharajah (Lawyer), Vancouver, BC

Rashid Rashidzadeh (Adjucnt Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Hanan El-Sayed (Research associate and sessional instructor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Sharon Thorpe (Nursing Sessional Faculty, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Marianne Watchel (Refugee Response Collective), AB

John Sewell (Former Mayor of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Frances Cachon (Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Esther Van Eek (Faculty, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Norma Davis, Toronto, ON

David Guetter (Faculty, University of Windsor)

Phil Harbord, Toronto, ON

Ahmad Al Alwani (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Abdul Alwani (Public Servant, CNSC), Ottawa, ON

Walaa Yassine (Employer, Popeyes), ON

Barbara Harrison (Community-based Researcher), Erin, ON

Lisa Sandlos (University Instructor, York University), Toronto, ON

Cara Fabre (Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Windsor)

Shelagh Towson (University of Windsor), ON

Lee Rodney (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Cathy Hansen, ON

Susan Kalles (Professor, Mohawk College), Hamilton, ON

Nicole L Longstaff, ON

Tanya Noel (Learning Specialist, Dept of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Adrian Guta (Assistant Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Lesley Rowe (Teacher, Upper Grand School Board), Guelph, ON

Victoria Paraschak (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Adam Vasey, Windsor, ON

Jill Singleton-Jackson  (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Eva Ross, Erin, ON

Nora Zylstra-Savage

Cecilia M Akyempon (Registered Nurse, Co-Chair, Lawrence Park Community Church Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Committee)

Douglas Earl, Toronto, ON

Michael Darroch (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Keith Beveridge (Canada4Refugees), Toronto, ON

Natasha Hay (University of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Richard Douglass-Chin (Dr., University of Windsor, Department of English)

Susan Holbrook (Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Heidi Matthews, Hillsburgh, ON

Lindsay Beattie, ON

Mustapha Hamil (Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, University of Windsor), ON

Luyse Groulx, ON

Marilyn Bacon, Toronto, ON

Ken Kerluke, Erin, ON

John D. Suk (Rev. Dr., Lawrence Park Community Church (UCC)), Toronto, ON

Joshua Peters (Engineer, WSB), Vancouver, BC

Laurie Chaffee-Bent

Victoria Palermo (Student, Windsor Law)

Bridget Ryan, Erin, ON

Matthew Tapia (Student, Windsor Law/Detroit Mercy Law)

Felicia Urbanski (Church Minister, Erin United Church), Fergus, ON

Naina Singh (Law Student, Windsor Law’s SLS Equity and Diversity Representative, University of Windsor)

Antonia Baker (Paralegal), Toronto, ON

Enver Villamiza (Teacher)

Christina Yule, Erin, ON

Julie Hakim-Larson (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Maulik Thakkar (University of Toronto), Vancouver, BC

Ivreet Kaler (Student, Windsor Law)

Clare Booker, Erin, ON

Danyal Rawjani (Student, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Melika Dabirian (Student, Windsor Law), ON

Donna Richardson (Lawrence Park Community Church), ON

Michael Hodgins (Student, Windsor Law)

Nikki Dehnashi (Student, Windsor Law), ON

Andrew Swan  (Associate Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Bob Ferguson (Partner, Ferguson + Mak LLP), Toronto, ON

Jason McBride (Journalist), Toronto, ON

Betty Barrett  (Associate Professor, University of Windsor)

Garth Yarde

Anne Dagenais Guertin, Ottawa, ON

Nancy Graham (Public Health Nurse, Ripple Refugee Sponsorship Group), Toronto, ON

Houda Ajaj (WRAP, Clerical Support Worker), Windsor, ON

Delee Duyker, Toronto, ON

John Elder, Toronto, ON

Susan Kernohan, Toronto, ON

Jordynne Ropat, Windsor, ON

Michael Barclay, Toronto, ON

Meriam Issa, Windsor, ON

Rosemary Dick (Volunteer, Lawrence Park Community Church), Toronto, ON

David Fleming, Toronto, ON

Mona Massiss, Windsor, ON

Kristen, Windsor, ON

Barbara Garber, Windsor, ON

Anne St Pierre, ON

Helen Rattray, Windsor, ON

David Langille (Lecturer, University of Toronto), Toronto, ON

Julianne McKellar, Windsor, ON

Lee Andrews (Social Worker), Windsor, ON

Cathy Lavery, Windsor, ON

Ann Lay (Chaplain, Headwaters Hospital), ON

Brenda Meadows (Retired Teacher), Newmarket, ON

Lauren Snyder-Gault (Past Chair, Board of Directors, Tecumseh United Church), Windsor, ON

Ron McBeth, LaSalle, ON

Bill Mous, Fonthill, ON

Rhiannon Hill (Program & Communications Secretary, Lawrence Park Community Church), Toronto, ON

Abdulah Hourani, Halton Region, ON

Kelly Captain (Windsor Fire Rescue), Windsor, ON

Lynn Kainz, Windsor, ON

Kelsey Lange (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Breanne Jury, Toronto, ON

Karina Thompson (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Isabelle Hachette, Kitchener, ON

John Liss (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Brydon Gombay (Community Psychologist), Toronto, ON

Diane Dicks (Catholics without Borders, Retired), ON

Aditya Rao (Student, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law), Ottawa, ON

Jen Powley, Halifax, NS

Carol Rennie, Richmond, BC

Andy Blair (Atlantic Representative, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice), Halifax, NS

Céline Füri, Montreal, QB

Naomi Yokota (Vancouver School Board), Vancouver, BC

Ashlie Dove, Mexico

Saqawadin Mohamed, Vancouver, BC

Mary Christine Khayat, Windsor, ON

Luin Goldring (Professor, York University), Toronto, ON

Dawn Chisholm, Squamish, BC

Selim Sulaiman (Retired), LaSalle, ON

Anna Kanavins, Windsor, ON

Jane Good, Vancouver, BC

Augusta Lokhorst (Social Worker), Vancouver, BC

Carole Kowcun, Halifax, NS

Miriam Mcleod (Lawyer), QB

Deanna Fenwick (Fenwick Graphics), Carleton Place, ON

Gavin Fridell  (Saint Mary’s University), Halifax, NS

Shauna Labman (Assistant Professor, Law, University of Manitoba), Winnipeg, MB

Norbert Piché (Country Director, Jesuit Refugee Service – Canada), Montreal, QB

Maryellen Symons (Barrister and Solicitor), Toronto, ON

Janet Cleveland (Researcher, SHERPA Research Centre, McGill University), Montreal, QB

Ruth Bishop (HRSB), Halifax, NS

Razmeen Joya (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Ania Kwadrans, Ottawa, ON

Kathryn Belzer, Maritimes

Robert Graham (Musician), Toronto, ON

Allison Rhoades (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

Julie Young (McMaster University), Toronto, ON

Elly Danica, NS

Carolyn van Gurp, Halifax, NS

Sally Dimachki (Refugee 613), Ottawa, ON

Lois Anne Bordowitz (FCJ Refugee Centre), Toronto, ON

Judith Baker, Halifax, NS

Azaria Wolday (Refugee Sponsorship Program Manager, Northwood Neighbourhood Services), Toronto, ON

Shamir Tanna, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Anna Purkey  (Assistant Professor, St.Jerome’s University), Waterloo, ON

Sharon L Ward, Red Deer, AB

Mary Kapron (University of Ottawa), Ottawa, ON

Chris H (Stock Handler, London Drugs Ltd), Richmond, BC

Sharon L Ward, Red Deer, AB

Susan van Gurp, NS

Tory James (Aboriginal Education Council University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Bill Swan, NS

Mélissa Loïzou, Hamilton, ON

Margaret Sagar (Reverend, Retired UCC Ordained Minister), Terence Bay, NS

Wallace D. James (Apsley Auctions), Apsley, ON

Dale Watson (United in Action), Red Deer, AB

Anne Watson (United in Action), Red Deer, AB

Helen Meyer

Deyanira Benavides  (Paralegal, CLW, HCLC), Hamilton, ON

Brenda Corney (Registered Nurse), Red Deer, AB

Sharon Crowe (Lawyer, Hamilton Community Legal Clinic), Hamilton, ON

Mariam Jalali, Toronto, ON

Penelope Nikolaiczuk, Ottawa, ON

Jack McCarthy, Ottawa, ON

Jeff Calvert, NOrth Vancouver, BC

Prem Kalia (Retired teacher), Edmonton, AB

Hagell Elizabeth, Red Deer, AB

Kathryn Rhoades, Montreal, QB

Rev. Michele Rowe (Minister, United Church of Canada), BC

Leslie Chisholm, Markham, ON

Marika Veysey, Squamish, BC

Sharmin Rahman (Lawyer), Toronto, ON

A L . Williamson

Bleu Rae (Educator/ Small business owner), NS

William Payne (Refugee Research Network, York University), Toronto, ON

Daphnee Ouellet (UNHCR), Montreal, QB

August Guillaume, Edmonton, AB

Kate O’Connor, BC

Richard MacKellar (Adjunct Professor, UBC Sauder School of Business), Squamish, BC

Shirley Challoner (United in Action sponsoring group, Red Deer), Red Deer, AB

Lauri Burgess, Sydenham, ON

Vicki Ramsay, Cedar Springs, ON

Sylvia Petras, Toronto, ON

Maida Follini  (Clerk, Halifax Friends Meeting (Quakers)), Halifax, NS

Elaine Weeks (Author), Windsor, ON

Sue Waudby-Smith, Ottawa, ON

Nancy Henderson (RN), Squamish, BC

Colleen Cannon (Clinical Psychologist), Vancouver, BC

Peter Cassidy (Graduate, Univeristy of Windsor Law school, 1984), Hamilton, ON

Corrie Douma, Halifax, NS

Jennifer Palmer, Windsor, ON

John Calvert (Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University), Burnaby

Sara Hanson (Lawyer), Vancouver, BC

Elizabeth Ann Ellis (Former teacher), Windsor, ON

Michael Tilleard, Edmonton, AB

Glenn Sergus, BC

Les Danielski  (Student, University of Windsor), Ridgetown, ON

Blaevoet Emmanuel, Windsor, ON

Linda M. Ervin (Rev, Retired), Claresholm, AB

Val Steinmann (Heartwood Farm), Ospringe, Erin, ON

Kerri Zold (University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Kim Held, ON

Nicole Markotic (Professor, University of Windsor), Windsor, ON

Mouna Bile (Hamilton Community Legal Clinic), ON

Pilar Riano-Alcala (University of British Columbia), Vancouver, BC

Mike Longmoore (Retirees Union Rep, Unifor 444 Retirees)

Sue Comish (Housewife), Toronto, ON

David Saffer, Toronto, ON

Kate Motluk, Toronto, ON

Donna Richardson, Toronto, ON

Mary Lynn Lewis, Golden, BC

Kathleen Hadford, Golden, BC

Helen Griffiths, Toronto, ON

Jim Griffiths, Toronto, ON

Nancy Thomson, Toronto, ON

Ted Mills (Member, Lawrence Park Community Church), Toronto, ON

Natalie Appleyard, Ottawa, ON

Colleen Westeinde, Ottawa, ON

Jennifer Morawiecki (Dalhousie University), Halifax, NS

Peter Shand (Software Developer, Bank of Canada), Ottawa, ON

Baris Bilgen (Part-time Professor, uOttawa), Ottawa, ON

Colin Freebury, Ottawa, ON


Mary Anne Burke, Ottawa, ON

Rosemary Russell, Ottawa, On

Nabil Kabalan (Prof, Algonquin College), Ottawa, ON

Larry Ladell, Ottawa, ON

Allana Chatterton, Ottawa, ON

Margaret Jaques, Ottawa, ON

Heidi Braun, Ottawa, ON

Marina Moraitis, Ottawa, ON

Huda Ali, Ottawa, ON

Adrienne Silnicki (Executive Director), Ottawa, ON

Anne Downes, Ottawa, ON

Janet Adams, Ottawa, ON

Victoria Wan (Law Student, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law), Ottawa, ON

Heather Blenkiron (President, CNH Tours), Ottawa, ON

Caroline Bowden (English as a Second Language Teacher), Ottawa, ON

Tarun Rahman (Medical Student), Ottawa, ON

Deborah Scott-Douglas, Ottawa, ON

Allison Dingle, Ottawa, ON

Michele L Veilleux

Helen Miller, Ottawa, ON

Ginette Bourgeois, Ottawa, ON

Jan Moleski, Ottawa, ON

Sarah Dowswell, Ottawa, ON

Janne Cleveland, Ottawa, ON

Heather Zamorano (Lawyer)

Catherine Wills (Chartered Mediator), Landsdowne, ON

Tamsyn Farr, Ottawa, ON

Callary Eva, Ottawa, ON

Dan Imbrogno, QB

Loretta Fleming, Ottawa, ON

Vicky Assad (Owner, Colour By Design), Ottawa, ON

Ebaa Al Boiny (Academic Manager, CBIE), Ottawa, ON

Sana Hafez, Ottawa, ON

Katherine Fitz O’Neil, Montreal, QB

Christopher George (Former CIDA Officer), Ottawa, ON

Madison Watson, Ottawa, ON

Elliane Loignon (Student, University of Ottawa), Ottawa, ON

Ba Menda, Washington DC, USA

Saadia Nuh (Multicultural Liaison Officer, Ottawa Community Immigrant Organization), Ottawa, ON

Jennifer Martin, Ottawa, ON

Rahaf Kokash, Ottawa, ON

Elizabeth Lamarche (Refugee 613 Volunteer), Ottawa, ON

Meriam Tayar, Ottawa, ON

Susan Murray

Lucie Paquette (1963), Ottawa, ON

Cynthia Baxter, Ottawa, ON

Heather Zamorano (Lawyer), Almonte, ON

Rosanne Iland, Ottawa, ON

Keely Whitford, Ottawa, ON

Marjorie Clegg, Ottawa, ON

Sally Hutchinson, Ottawa, ON

Beatrice Rutayisire (Student, University of Ottawa), Ottawa, ON

Rhianna Haley, Ottawa, ON

Nisreen Almadhoun (Educator – OCDSB, OCDSB), Nepean Ottawa, ON

Catharine Shanahan, Windsor, ON

Anne Louise Parker, Ottawa, ON

Tim Leahy (General Counsel, Forefront Migration Ltd.), Toronto, ON

Sheileagh MacIsaac, Ottawa, ON

Sara Elliot, ON

Anna Kanavins, Windsor, ON

Debbie Hettrick, Windsor, ON

Jerry Weufeldt, Windsor, ON

Khassan Saka, Windsor, ON

Don V Snyder, Windsor, ON

Patti Hayes, Windsor, ON

Lauren Snyder-Gault, Windsor, ON

Sandra Blodgett, Paisley, ON

JoAnne Laurie-Neilson, Windsor, ON

Amjad Alhareri, Windsor, ON

Diana Radulescu, Windsor, ON

Barbara Snyder, Windsor, ON

Lina Chaker (Syrian Canadian Council), Windsor, ON

John Rokakis (Refugee Lawyer), Windsor, ON

Laura Stairs (Student-at-Law), Windsor, ON

Tamam Yasin, Windsor, ON

Deaa Sham (Engineering Student), Windsor, ON

Valerie Auger-Voyer (Counselor), Ottawa, ON

Robert Wright, ON

Tamara Ramusovic, Vancouver, BC

Christina McKeen, Vancouver, BC

Susan Toth (Lawyer), London, ON

Justin Levesque (Barrister and Solicitor), Windsor, ON

Amelia Philpott (Student, McGill University), Montreal, QB



Hon. Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition, Conservative Party of Canada

Hon. Thomas J. Mulcair, Leader of the New Democratic Party

Hon. Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party

Hon. Jenny Kwan, Critic for Immigration , Refugees and Citizenship (NDP)

Hon. Michelle Rempel, Official Opposition Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, (CPC)